Why Register Your Profile With Staff Near Me?

Guaranteed Exposure Directly Off Google Page 1

Our geographically targeted system connects you to your closest employers

Geosensitive, preference free targeting

Staff Near Me is a promotional space where we make it easy for potential clients to find the most suitable provider, sorted in order of the closest to the location of the client.
This gives them direct and immediate contact with you, all profiles are treated equally and there are no premium listings, if you are the closest suitable provider to the client you are likely to be contacted by them.

Receive Free Applications

Clients wanting to receive applications from local providers can fill in a brief form to send application requests from the five closest suppliers to the clients location, we don’t send it to any more than five so the client is not inundated with replies, and so you have a good chance of being considered.

Instant Connection From Your Potential Clients

The home page on Staff Near Me is the search results page, no forms, no searching required, no more clicks, no waiting for call backs. We do this the old school way; Instant contact information.

Flat Rate Fee, No Surprises

We take no commissions for applications received through our website; you only pay for the profile space for your selected service area/s.

Register Your Profile

  • Your profile promotional image
  • Your profile photo
  • An image gallery
  • Script allowing you to tell your background, capabilities and skills
  • Google Maps displaying your working area
  • One click to email, call or text
  • Click to your existing website
  • Additional links to your social media profiles
If you need any help creating your account, please feel free to engage with us by sending us a message on the contact page or calling us on 1300 032 861.

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